Company History

A glorious history that testifies success and recognition.
Exceptional achievements and newer milestones achieved year after year are what characterize the journey of Hindusthan Urban Infrastructure Limited (HUIL). Throughout the decades, we have witnessed various ‘First-Time’ product launches.
  • A well-stabilized flow of innovations
  • Continual expansions through collaborations, acquisitions and organic growth
  • Remarkable awards and accolades for changing the face of India’s infrastructure
  • During this exemplary saga of success and growth, HUIL family and thousands of dedicated employees have given their mammoth contribution to what we are today.


Incorporated as the Indian Aluminium Cables Ltd


Power Cable manufacturing unit installed at Faridabad.

Became the First Company in India to import 152mm Extruder from ‘Mallifer Finland”.

Collaboration of Gwalior Cables & Conductors Ltd Gwalior (M.P).


Name of the company changed to Hindusthan Vidyut Products Ltd.


Cable division at Faridabad was expanded by installation of CCV line to manufacture HT XLPE Power Cables in the year 2003-2004.






Executed largest single order of 11KV 3C x 400sq mm of 418Km from BESCOM Bangalore.




HUIL successfully commenced conductor & Aluminium wire rod production for Domestic & Export Markets at its state-of-the-art new facility in Khurda, Odisha.

The first HTLS-composite carbon core conductor order was successfully manufactured and exported to South Africa and ACSS to Domestic market.

HSCL successfully started production of Epoxy-formulated products.


Started production of AAC/ACSR Conductors


The company manufactured AACSR Conductor.





Taken over Insulators & Electricals Company Mandideep, MP.


Installed shaftless stranding (20+24+32) machine running at 250 rpm from, “BAGGAR Denmark”.

CDCC line imported from ‘Nokia Mallifer’ with reverse catenary feature, which ensures precise control of insulated core centering in Curing Tube.


HVPL successfully commenced production at its new conductor plant setup at Guwahati.

First Solar plant with parabolic mirrors of 120 KW.


Successfully implemented SAP.

Executed First HTLS Order from Colombia for ACSS/TW Hen Conductor in FY 2016-17.

Executed First HTLS Order from Poland for ACSS/TW Brant Conductor in FY 2016-17

Executed First Alloy Rod 9.5 mm from Portugal in FY 2016-17

Executed Al-59 Rod 9.5 mm from Israel in FY 2016-17

Executed First HTLS STACIR (INVAR STEEL) order from PGCIL

Received Al-59 Conductor Order from Sweden

Executed 8XXX Series Compact Conductor Orders from USA

Listed in Bombay Stock Exchange